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Skills Summary

Please see a brief description of the primary programs we can serve your project needs on.

Microsoft Office Software Tools

Over 10 years experience working with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote. Microsoft Outlook, I have over 4 years of experience utilizing the software.

Project Management Tools

Over 4 years of experience utilizing Project Management tools such as Trello, JIRA for various projects and clients. Recently started assisting clients in Microsoft Project for Gantt Chart creation.

Website Building & Editing Tools

Over 5 years of experience in building websites for clients and personal use in various industries. Strong familiarity with SquareSpace, WordPress, Payhip, etc.

UI/UX Prototyping Tools

Strong experience in generating website and mobile app user interfaces/prototypes. Have utilized InVision, Figma, and even PowerPoint. I also have experience in generating high-quality business cards and logos.

Make It Happen

If you are a corporation, please visit this link to learn more about the consulting or training services we offer for companies.

If you are a working professional, student, both, etc. Then, please review my current service packages to see what will be a good fit for your idea/project.